Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Performance Management: the trigger of actions

Businesses are imploding when control prevails over action and they are exploding when there is no adequate performance management.

Business performance depends on the adequate integration of the action procedures and the control management.

Sound knowledge of the technical analytical aspects of the activity allows selecting the adequate KPIs to monitor the systemic functions of the business.

Understanding the fundamentals of the business is required to develop the performance management of the adaptive functions of the activity.

Without the necessary knowledge there is no possibility to interpret the output of performance and it becomes dysfunctional endangering the success of the business.

Performance Management is subjectified when individual goals prevail over business goals. In power driven organizations performance management becomes a power exercise and loses its purpose.

The definition of adequate performance management closes the circle of the implementation of the Unicist Standard.

Based on the book “The Unicist Standard to Manage the Nature of Businesses”

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Diana Belohlavek
VP Global Markets & Market Labs

NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute is the major research organization in the world in its specialty based on more than 3,500 researches in complexity science, until September 2010,  applied to individual, institutional and social evolution. The applicative researches are based on the discovery of the Ontogenetic Intelligence of Nature and the consequent Unicist Theory of Evolution.

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