Unicist Management: Why go Beyond Dualism?

The neural functionality is dualistic. Neurons are “on” or “off”. Dualistic Dialectics vs. Double Dialectics is the battle between the disjunction “OR” and the conjunction “AND”.

The dualistic dialectics of Hegel and Marx transformed this dualistic approach into a social myth that provided an oversimplified perception of reality and a way to influence it.

Both dialectics are fallacious because they do not emulate the structure of nature.

The dualistic thinking necessarily fosters a non-adaptive behavior that is driven by idealistic, ideological, materialistic, spiritual or egocentric needs. Dualism is necessary when personal needs prevail over functional adaptation.

The consequence of dualistic thinking is that people believe in a dialectical behavior. Adaptation becomes impossible when using dualistic thinking.

But dualistic dialectics has proven to be fallacious to understand and influence evolution. The unicist double dialectical logic allowed using the dualism of neural functionality but emulating the functionality of nature.

In the short run, the benefit of using dualistic dialectics is that it transforms humans in judges of reality instead of responsible participants.

You decide, it is up to you…

Diana Belohlavek

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