The Use of Unicist Binary Actions

Unicist binary actions are two synchronized actions that, on the one hand, open possibilities and, on the other hand, ensure the achievement of results. Binary actions are naturally used to make things work. We suggest that you apply this explanation to the binary actions you use.

The functionalist approach enhances competitive advantages based on the use of binary actions, that are driven by the use of unicist AI and business cobots.

The use of unicist functional design allows developing the binary actions and business objects that are needed to empower business functions. Learn more

The Functionality of Airplanes

The purpose of flying an airplane can be considered to move from one airport to another.

The active function is given by their propulsion and the energy conservation function is given by the lift provided by the wings.

The binary actions to make an airplane fly begin by producing the propulsion that generates the necessary speed of the airflow on the wings of the airplane to generate the lift.

Examples of Evident Universal Binary Actions

  • Learning + Teaching = Knowledge acquisition
  • Productivity + Quality = Production
  • Marketing + Selling = Generating revenue
  • Root Causes + Triggering Causes = Solutions
  • Efficacy + Efficiency = Effectiveness
  • Empathy + Sympathy = Influence building
  • Participation + Power = Leadership
  • Processes + Objects = Organization
  • Desirability + Harmony = Aesthetics

We suggest that you recognize the functionality of the binary actions you already use

NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute has been, since 1976, the world-leading research organization that introduced the functionalist approach to science to manage the functionality of the real world.