Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Peter Belohlavek’s personal statement on the Unicist Theory

We asked for authorization to publish the central aspects of Peter Belohlavek’s personal statement in the Partners News. The objective of this publication is to give access to the backstage of The Unicist Research Institute in order to make it transparent.

It says:

“…..I think time has come to clarify what is behind, in order to avoid talking about it.  In 1975, when I was kidnapped by leftist guerrilla, I learned that living is a dangerous matter. Afterwards, when I was pursued by rightist military because of being a possible freedom-fighter, I learned that in life there are enemies one creates but there are also enemies that exist objectively.

While I was kidnapped I decided that “money” (I was a yuppie) was not worth it. Therefore I decided to leave something for the community that is worth to have been alive. This is what the unicist theory is about. It is a major breakthrough in the field of evolution. It explains what is behind Darwin, Peirce, Freud, Piaget, Levi-Strauss, etc. It is being studied in about 100 Universities in the world.

When we began the last step of the unicist globalization, May 2008, the first three female members named me Charlie (Charlie’s angels). This was an extreme demonstration of what a blind and deaf person can imagine when dealing with reality. I have no hard feelings with guerrilla, military or angels.

But the unicist theory is in the world to change it, giving a new way to deal with reality. Adding value, democracy and ecumenism are the three ideological elements that are within the unicist approach.

The unicist object driven technologies bank is the hugest investment made to develop solutions to add value in the field of complex problems. This investment will be paid by our clients. It has to be so, because they have the benefit of it. The Blue Eagle X-pert System is a “human being” with no unconsciousness.

Our business is to change the world by adding more value, fostering democracy and ecumenism, and of course making businesses. The nature of business is to add value to someone and get paid for it. Survivors do not make business, they live from the businesses others do. They are “Hood Robins”, they take from the ones who cannot defend their interests to install what they take in their own pockets.

I invented nothing. I am a discoverer. Discoverers accept there is something superior that can be discovered. That is why discoverers are believers. I am a believer, but I believe in God, facts and not in intentions…..

Peter Belohlavek”

We strongly recommend all those who participate as experts accessing the scientific foundations of the Unicist approach:

English http://www.unicist.org/index.shtml
Portuguese http://www.unicist.org/br/index.shtml
Spanish http://www.unicist.org/es/index.shtml

Your comments are welcome.

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence

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