Leaders’ authority is sustained by differentiated roles

The authority of leaders depends on their capacity to exert three differentiated roles that make them be accepted. They have to be ombudsmen/women, coordinators and fallacy shooters.

Their purpose has to be the generation of added value for those who are following them. People follow those who give. That is why giving is a central activity of a leader.

Their active function and maximal strategy is their capacity to coordinate a group. This means that leaders have to be natural doers in the field they are leading.

Finally, their energy conservation is given by the grounded knowledge they have and their capacity to ensure that the followers have the necessary knowledge to work.

Leadership Viruses

If leaders do not assume the responsibility for adding value, they install a business virus type “A” in their group. The consequence is that they need to “manipulate” to lead the group.

If leaders do not have the knowledge that needs to be provided to the group, they install a business virus type “B” in their group. The consequence is that they need to be authoritarian.

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Diana Belohlavek
VP Knowledge Management
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