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Cobotization of the Object Driven Organization Model

Object-driven organization is the model that integrates business objects in the processes to simplify them, reduce their costs and accelerate the execution. Object-driven organization uses cobots, collaborative robots, to manage the objects that are included in the processes.

Cobots are collaborative robots that are based on the use of unicist AI and functionalist technologies that manage the fundamentals and the operational aspects of businesses. The use of cobots simplifies and saves costs when applied to operational and managerial processes and fosters growth when used in commercial environments.

They include two aspects: the generation of rules to drive the execution and the automation of business processes. Their level of autonomous intelligence fully depends on the type of processes that are being managed:

  • In operational processes, there is only a need for execution rules.
  • In managerial processes, logical rules are necessary.
  • In commercial processes, unicist AI is needed.

The unicist cobots are sustained by the use of the rules of unicist logic, which drive the unicist AI to manage commercial environments that require a high level of adaptability.

The design of cobots requires using functional design to manage the functionality of business processes. The unicist functional design is fully compatible with design thinking and other methodologies that are customer/user centered. 


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