Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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The Use of Binary Actions in Business

Binary actions are two synchronized actions that aim at the same purpose, which expand businesses while they ensure their results. They were developed to manage the evolution of adaptive environments by managing actions to install maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to ensure results.

Binary actions empower the value of processes while they diminish their costs. They use catalysts to expand the boundaries of solutions and business objects to accelerate processes and ensure their functionality.

The research developed at The Unicist Research Institute demonstrated that any adaptive system and environment (living being or artificial construction) is driven by binary actions. Some examples will help to grasp the idea:

Unicist Binary Actions
  • The active function and the energy conservation function of the intelligence of a tree drive its growth and survival.
  • Lift and propulsion make airplanes take-off and fly.
  • The cover and the back-cover define the functionality of the packaging of a book.
  • The music and the lyrics of a song define its aesthetics.

Business Functionality is driven by Binary Actions

Here you can find a series of unicist binary actions to generate value that are evident.

  • Increasing productivity + Ensuring quality = Value generation
  • Influential marketing + Effective selling = Generating revenue
  • Ensuring efficacy + Ensuring efficiency = Effectiveness
  • Active participation + Non-exerted power = Leadership
  • Functional processes + Functional objects = Organization

An Example of Binary Actions

The definition and use of specific binary actions require having in mind the concepts and the generic binary actions that need to be developed and their synchronicity.

This process is simplified using the “Guiding Idea Template” that is developed based on the synthetic concepts of the project that is being managed.

Example Binary Action Building

This guiding idea includes the description of the concept and the description of the basic binary actions that need to be developed. This guiding idea is transformed into synchronic action processes to achieve the objectives that have been established.

Installing Binary Actions in Applications

The functional design of processes and the binary actions to achieve the objectives of business processes are implemented as applications.

The unicist intelligent applications for business functions are based on the knowledge of the concepts and fundamentals of the business processes involved, which allow defining the binary actions that need to be managed to ensure results.

The development of intelligent applications is materialized using different platforms according to the needs of the solution. There are multiple platforms like Oracle APEX, SAP Business Application Studio, Integromat, Zoho Creator, Outsystems , etc.to develop apps.

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