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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Traditional Management versus Unicist Conceptual Management

This unicist conceptual management approach upgrades, but includes, the preexisting traditional approach to business management. This upgrade is a paradigm shift in management that allowed managing root-causes, developing the conceptual design of solutions, building maximal and minimum strategies and developing the necessary actions to produce results. In other words, what the unicist conceptual management did, was upgrading the management approach to ensure the generation of value.

Traditional Management vs Unicist Conceptual Management

The unicist conceptual management approach integrates:

  1. Business Strategy: The Unicist Strategy emulates the strategy implicit in the intelligence that underlies nature and establishes a maximal strategy to grow and a minimum strategy to survive.
  2. Conceptual Design: This conceptual design defines the unified field of the functions of adaptive systems and defines their dynamic process architecture.
  3. Root-Cause Management: It manages the root-causes of problems and the root-drivers of solutions.
  4. Unicist Actions: This approach defines the actions that need to be done following a logical synchronicity in order to work as a critical mass to ensure results in adaptive environments.

Benefits of the Unicist Conceptual Management Approach:

  • +40% increase of the speed of business growth
  • +25% of increase of marketing effectiveness
  • +20% of cost saving in business processes
  • +30% of complex projects cost saving
  • 99.5% of results assurance
  • 80% of cost reduction for business process maintenance and improvement
  • +30% increase in the efficacy of the participants

This superior level of business design and management became possible due to the discovery and emulation of the intelligence that underlies nature and the discovery that concepts drive human actions. This is the management model of the XXI Century.

Unicist Press Committee

NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute was the pioneer in using the unicist logical approach in complexity science research and became a private global decentralized leading research organization in the field of human adaptive systems. It has an academic arm and a business arm.