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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Debates: Building Collaborative Environments

Unicist debates are an approach to collaboration in fields where the nature of problems needs to be apprehended. It requires assuming the premise that all the participants of a debate are right.

This implies that the participants of a debate have sound knowledge of what is being discussed and they are sure that a superior apprehension of reality can be achieved.

In plain language, this means that when two positions A and B appear to be incompatible, a superior integration of both positions has to be found.

This necessarily requires a double dialectical approach in order to integrate the apparent contradictions in their oneness. This requires integrating them with a third element which demands perceiving the double dialectics.

Dualistic dialectics hinders this approach and drives towards a conflict to find who is right. In this case, the use of action-reflection-action processes allows transforming dualistic dialectics into double dialectical approaches.

The benefit of these unicist debates are the accurate diagnoses and strategies in adaptive environments and the definition of what is possible to be achieved.

Peter Belohlavek

NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute was the pioneer in complexity science research and became a global decentralized world-class research organization in the field of human adaptive systems. http://www.unicist.org