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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Corporate Universities for business growth

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The structure of a Unicist Corporate University (UCU) has been designed to foster expansion both for the organizing institution and for the participants. A UCU works as a catalyst for the business of the organizing company and as a mind-opener for participants.
To foster expansion, UCUs necessarily need to go beyond the boundaries of the activity of participants.

No expansion happens within existing boundaries. But going beyond existing boundaries implies a strong commitment with:

1) Innovations: Providing new ways to produce better results approaching problems based on their nature.
2) Ethics: Fostering a superior ethics in terms of rules to produce more added value;
3) Participation: Promoting a real participation of all those individuals who are involved in the activities.


The activities of UCUs are mainly virtual. This allows accessing a large population with no geographical limits minimizing costs and multiplying results.

The activities have been designed to cover both the expectations of innovators and conservatives. The innovations and technologies proposed are basically focused on helping doers to make things happen in a more productive way, extending their boundaries based on the principle of “change without changing”. This approach establishes a network of individuals who begin to approach businesses based on their nature. This is a step by step process that builds a strong and reliable relationship between all the members who participate. The results of a Unicist Corporate University are measured in terms of the business expansion of the organizer and the use of technologies by the participants. A special blog (I-Magazine) sustains this community offering additional added value to the members and the possibility to participate in the publication because of their deeds.

This is how Unicist Corporate Universities foster business expansion based on the ontology based technologies developed at The Unicist Research Institute to deal with the nature of problems.

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Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence

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