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Unicist organizational cybernetics – The natural organization

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Finding the natural model that is implicit within a culture or organization is the starting point to organize.
This book promotes the use of meta-models, as a GPS, to monitor organizational processes and the use of pilot testing integrating the “natural” organization with the “necessary” organization.
Organizational models fecundate business models and transform them into real businesses. An inadequate organization model destroys any business or condemns it to live in a survivor state.
There are three alternatives to find, implement and improve an organizational model.
1) The empirical approach
2) The conceptual approach, based on the knowledge of the nature of organizational models
3) The integration of both.
The third alternative is highly recommended.
An organizational GPS requires the knowledge of business fundamentals. Therefore, this book intends to foster the idea of using meta-models and fundamental analysis to define organizational processes.
The unicist approach manages problems based on their nature. That is why unicist technologies are ontology based. Therefore, unicist diagnostics are far more secure and operational.
Unicist Cybernetics integrates all the aspects of organizations based on an object driven management model.

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