Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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There are no strategies but strategists – Unicist Strategic Attitude

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The strategic attitude is based on the integration of a value adding attitude and a value earning attitude, in order to adapt to an environment. Both the value adding and the value earning attitude are based on the individual’s ethical intelligence.
There are four different attitudes when dealing with strategic attitudes: Difference makers, Dividers, Adders and Multipliers.

Difference makers
Difference makers have a natural talent to build subjective value in order to increase the valuation of what is being negotiated.
The value they earn is based on the building of a value earning process created upon the value of others.
They are focused on actions driven by strong personal ideas of what they are doing.

They are those whose attitude to adapt to reality is based on a dividing attitude.
They are natural developers of alternatives, arguments and any dual-istic solution to create a reasonable doubt to generate an empty space in which to find a place to adapt.
They are natural analysts, ideologists and promoters of different solutions within conservative contexts.

They are those whose natural attitude is to add to a given situation. They are natural positive thinkers who build upon the existing reality.
They do not care to compete with others, because they use others’ ideas. They need to build within a secure environment without changing the category of what they are building upon.
They are natural industrialists and doers.

They are those whose natural attitude is to find the roots of a given reality so as to be able to multiply the results in analogous and homologous fields.
Their capacity of perceiving homologies makes them multipliers. They need to find the nature of “things” in order to multiply.
They are natural discoverers and developers of new paradigms to use them to multiply results.
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