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Management Systems (IT) based on Root Cause Management

People’s perception is driven by their Conceptual Short-Term Memory that is sustained by the concept they have. Therefore, IT systems need to be based on the concepts that underlie business functions. This approach is the core of adaptive systems, intelligent systems and interface design.

The Unicist Management Systems are based on the Conceptual Management Model that was developed to increase the effectiveness of organizations by integrating fundamentals and technical analytical knowledge in the management processes. The Unicist Management System includes:

A Business Intelligence System: to build competitive intelligence, critical intelligence and structural intelligence and to build the context of businesses.

Unicist Contingency Rooms: to transform urgent problems into structural solutions.

Performance Management System: to monitor the functionality of both the systemic functions and the adaptive functions of businesses.

Unicist Conceptual Design Groups:  to develop the dynamic business process architectures using the Extreme Design technology that has been developed to deal with complex adaptive environments.

The Unicist Management Systems integrate the existing systems of organizations. The Unicist System provides the root-causes of the business and its context.  It also works as a Decision Support System that can be used in situation rooms.

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NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute (TURI) has been, since 1976, the pioneer in the research of complexity where the roots of evolution and the structure of concepts were discovered. In the business world, TURI developed a Solution Bank based on the structures of concepts, which define the nature of business functions that allow managing the root-causes of problems and the root-drivers of solutions.