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Knowledge Businesses: Unicist Adaptive Systems IT

Adaptive systems development requires dealing with the ambiguity of reality in order to produce results. Knowledge is the key in this business.

There are cultures that promote knowledge and there are cultures that prevent knowledge from existing. Where transparency is needed to operate, knowledge is a natural element and is therefore encouraged. In transparent cultures, the person with knowledge is admired, as it is he who gives value to the environment.

In cultures where it is necessary to avoid transparency, knowledge is a countercultural element, and he who has it is envied, as it is feared that he may take advantage of it.

The culture of countries and institutions has areas that are transparent and areas that are dark. In transparent areas, knowledge is developed naturally and in dark areas, any knowledge that appears is annulled.

Consequently, cultures which are mainly marginal or underdeveloped avoid all knowledge whatsoever of their own situation so as to continue in it, while they say the contrary. Knowledge components are reduced to those fields where these cultures act as developed or emerging.

Fostering knowledge is basic in businesses that deal with adaptive systems.

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Diego Belohlavek
Expert System Manager

NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute is the major research organization in the world in its specialty based on more than 3,000 researches in complexity science applied to individual, institutional and social evolution. The applicative researches are based on the discovery of the Ontogenetic Intelligence of Nature and the consequent Unicist Theory of Evolution.

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