Collaborative Corporate R&D Partnering

Intelligent Business Cobots

Based on Functionalist Technologies

Functionalist Technologies

Installing Intelligent Business Cobots

Based on Collaborative Corporate R&D Partnering

The development of Unicist Business Cobots begins with the building of a functionalist prototype. They are collaborative robots that manage functionalist principles, synchronized binary actions, and introduce adaptive automation when needed. The use of cobots allows managing the unified field of business processes by managing business objects.

They are based on the use of Unicist AI that allows managing the synchronized binary actions that are needed and the rules to be applied in the business processes. This collaborative project generates an initial positive cashflow for the company, and includes technologies that might be protected by non-disclosure agreements.

Unicist Business Cobots are Intelligent Collaborative Robots

Business cobots are intelligent systems that simplify the functionality of businesses processes
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Cobot Design begins with the building of a Functionalist Prototype

The installation of business cobots includes the building of a prototype to learn from the feedback
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Begin by Testing a Real Solution using Functionalist Technologies

We recommend experiencing a real solution to a problem using functionalist technologies to generate results
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Basic Technologies & Tools

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There are operational, knowledge, efficiency and efficacy Cobots

Cobots work as systems that allow the forward integration or backward integration of processes
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Unicist Cobots are driven by Unicist AI

It uses fundamentals-based AI and unicist logic to manage the functionality of business process
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Cobots are based on Unicist Binary Actions to ensure results

They develop synchronized actions that aim at the same purpose to ensure the achievement of results
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The use of Functionalist Design to define the functionality of processes

Managing the functionalist principles of processes and building binary actions and business objects to ensure results
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The validation process is based on the use of Pilot Tests

Pilot testing is based on the design of specific destructive tests and non-destructive tests
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