A Functionalist Approach to Business

The Business Arm of The Unicist Research Institute

Transferring Functionalist Technologies, Cobots and Tools

The 4th Industrial Revolution introduced a paradigm shift that allows empowering business adaptability and customer orientation. Since 1976 The Unicist Research Institute has been a precursor of the research in adaptability due to the development of a unicist ontological approach to adaptive systems. The development of solutions might be outsourced based on the use of unicist functional designers and the installation of cobots.

Unicist Functional Design + Binary Actions

The unicist functionalist approach to business is based on the use of functional design to manage the functionality of business processes including the development of binary actions. Binary actions are two synchronized actions, sustained by business objects, that aim at the same purpose to ensure the achievement of results.

Intelligent Applications:
The functionalist approach to business ends in systems and applications that include synchronized binary actions, business objects, and catalysts

Functionalist Business Technologies

Cobots provide solutions and a safe framework to generate value in adaptive environments. They are the new standard of the object driven organization

Unicist Cobots
Unicicist Functional Design

The Unicist Functional Design manages the fundamentals and technical aspects of design to expand the possibilities of the development of solutions

The Unicist Strategic approach emulates the intelligence of nature by developing maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to ensure results

Unicist Marketing

The Functionalist Approach to B2B and B2C Marketing uses Cobots to manage the root causes of buying processes and expand the possibilities for market growth

The Functionalist Approach to Organization is based on binary actions, roles, objects and cobots to foster business growth and profitability

Business Objects
Equity Value

Equity Value Enhancement by fostering growth and profitability increasing the customer value, stakeholder value, and shareholder of companies

The Unicist Artificial Intelligence is fundamentals-based to manage intelligent automation, cobots and minimize the subjective bias of data-based AI

Unicist AI

Contingency Rooms are informal units that transform urgent problems into structural solutions. They use functional designers to build solutions

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