Collaborative Corporate R&D Partnering

Installing Functionalist In-House Coaching

Based on Functionalist Technologies

Functionalist Technologies

Installing Functionalist Coaching

Based on Collaborative Corporate R&D Partnering

The installation of Functionalist Coaching begins with the building of a functionalist prototype. The functionalist coaching is the role of bosses to support the finding of solutions to complex business problems of any kind, being they functional, social or personal.

This process is basically an internal process that requires the use of a problem-solving approach and the stimulation of out the box thinking when it is required. Functionalist coaching is based on virtual work using a participative space and collaborative tools. This collaborative project generates an initial positive cashflow for the company, and includes technologies that might be protected by non-disclosure agreements.

Unicist Business Problem Solving driven by Root Cause Management

Introducing the unicist problem solving methodology that manages root causes, triggering causes and limit causes
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Functionalist Coaching begins with the building of a Functionalist Prototype

The installation of functionalist coaching includes the building of a prototype to learn from the feedback
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Begin by Testing a Real Solution using Functionalist Technologies

We recommend experiencing a real solution to a problem using functionalist technologies to generate results
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Basic Technologies & Tools

Learn About the Technologies that are Used in this Project

Virtual Coaching and Teamwork to solve Complex Business Problems

Virtual coaching based on the management of functionalist principles using the company’s methodologies
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The use of Functionalist Design to define the Functionality of Processes

Managing the functionalist principles of processes and building binary actions and business objects to ensure results
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Ontological Reverse Engineering to find the Root Causes of Problems

To research the functionalist principles of business processes and define their restricted and wide contexts
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Conceptual Engineering to develop the Functionalist Design of Solutions

The use of unicist conceptual engineering to design solutions at a functionalist and operational level
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The validation process is based on the use of Pilot Tests

Pilot testing is based on the design of specific destructive tests and non-destructive tests
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