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The 4th Industrial Revolution requires a Conceptual Mindset

Industrial Revolutions foster and establish dominant mindsets to fulfill their purposes. A conceptual mindset is necessary to deal with the possibilities opened by the 4th Industrial Revolution in order to manage the unified field of business processes.

Mindsets of Industrial Revolutions

The discovery that the concepts people have in their minds, drive their actions and that the concepts and fundamentals that underlie business functions define the root causes of their functionality, expanded the possibilities of business management.

Therefore, conceptualization is the necessary mindset to deal with the 4th Industrial Revolution. It allows managing the unified field of business functions integrating the different aspects of the business processes including the restricted and wide contexts.

This stage requires managing the concepts of business functions to improve the adaptiveness of processes by being fully consumer/user/buyer oriented, increasing the productivity and increasing the quality to become fully reliable.

The conceptual mindset required by the 4th Industrial Revolution uses destructive and non-destructive pilot tests and uses an action-reflection-action process that includes the use of the unicist strategic approach to forecast, produce and ensure results.

The solutions are based on the ontogenetic maps of business functions that define their concepts and fundamentals. This information allows defining what is needed and comparing it with the actual state to define the actions that are necessary to achieve the established goals. The pilot tests of their implementation allow learning from the feedback.

Diego Belohlavek

NOTE: Since 1976, The Unicist Research Institute (TURI) is a world leading research organization in its segment.