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Unicist scorecard – The unicist business strategy scorecard 2

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The global crisis triggered the need of an objective long term monitoring system for businesses. This article is just an introduction how these goal can be achieved.

The unicist scorecard is an objective strategy validation system. Its purpose is to validate the functionality of business action plans. It is integrated by a Business Marketplace Index (BMI), a Business Credibility Index (BCI) and a Business Growth Index (BGI).

The integration of these indexes defines the possibility and probability to achieve the goals proposed in a strategy.

These indexes are built on objective information. Based on their origin, the information included can be classified in:
4) Quantitative (hard) information
5) Quantitative perceptions
6) Quantified opinions

The Unicist Scorecard is a complementary concept to the Balanced Scorecard. While the Balanced Scorecard is a bottom-up tool to approach the execution of strategies, the Unicist Scorecard is a top-down tool to sustain the building of strategies.

Unicist business strategy scorecard

The nature of a business strategy is defined by

Business strategy = BMI * BGI * BCI

BMI: Business Marketplace Index
BGI: Business Growth Index
BCI: Business Credibility Index

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