Equity Value Enhancement

Using Binary Actions to ensure Results

A Functionalist Approach to Equity Value Enhancement

The unicist functional approach to business is based on the use of a functionalist approach that deals with the concepts and fundamentals of businesses and the use of fundamentals-based AI to manage the adaptive automation of processes. It manages their unified field and the short- and long-term strategies to ensure their growth, profitability, adaptability, customer orientation, and sustainability.

Functional Design + Binary Actions

The unicist functionalist approach to business is based on the use of functional design to manage the functionality of business processes including the development of binary actions. Binary actions are two synchronized actions, sustained by business objects, that aim at the same purpose to ensure the achievement of results.

Value Proposition

Unicist Business Strategy Designer

Unicist strategy building integrates the future scenarios of a business, the building of maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to ensure results, and the use of binary actions to make things happen

Customer Value Enhancement: based on the development of bestsellers, segmented product strategies and competitive strategies

Customer Value
Financial Leverage

Financial Leverage Management: by developing alternative business solutions to foster growth and increase the return of investment

Shareholder Value Enhancement: by establishing a policy that fosters the perception of the potential energy of the business

Shareholder Value Enhancement

Stakeholder Value Enhancement: by establishing the natural organization of the business that satisfy the internal and external clients

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Unicist Solutions Library
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