Collaborative Corporate R&D Partnering

Equity Value Enhancement

Based on Functionalist Technologies

Functionalist Technologies

Installing an Equity Value Monitor

Based on Collaborative Corporate R&D Partnering

The installation of an Equity Value Monitor begins with the building of a functionalist prototype. The enhancement of equity value is based on the use of the functionalist principles of businesses and the functionalist technologies that foster growth and increase profitability. 

These monitors are only developed in markets that have been researched. The use of functionalist technologies is based on the management of the functionalist principles of specific markets and of the business, using the unicist business compass to develop structural solutions and monitor their functionality. These collaborative projects generate an initial positive cashflow for the companies, and include technologies that might be protected by non-disclosure agreements.

Enhancing the Equity Value of Companies by managing their Functional Structures

Using the unicist business compass to monitor the functional structure and binary actions of businesses
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Enhancing Shareholder, Market & Stakeholder Values

Empowering the Use of Market & Business Catalysts

Enhancing the Shareholder Value by generating expectations

Catalyzing and complementing the needs of the markets in highly influenceable niches to foster growth
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Complementing the Customer Value of products and services

The customer value of a business is enhanced by the use of catalysts to match the latent needs of the market
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Enhancing the Financial Leverage of a business

The generation of leverage fully depends on the possibilities for expanding the business concepts
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Enhancing the Stakeholder Value of organizations

Based on the functionality of the binary actions of an organization to generate growth and profitability
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The validation process is based on the use of Pilot Tests

Pilot testing is based on the design of specific destructive tests and non-destructive tests
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Functionalist Technologies