Where is Twitter within the world of Social Networks?

Twitter is a very special community within the world of Social Networks. It is an avant-garde group.

Communities are groups integrated by a common purpose who participate having a sense of superiority, seek for acceptance of their values and compete within the community and with other communities in order to win.

We have experienced, researched and worked, at The Unicist Research Institute, with the four social networks we consider the paradigmatic cases for the different segments of communities.

There are four types of communities with a different structure of fundamentals: Sports, Union, Institutional and Avant-garde communities

Twitter in particular is an avant-garde community built around news. Avant-garde communities necessarily have a high level of democracy and tend to grow on the basis of their members’ actual achievements. Twitter doesn’t require registration to access the available information.

The expansion of the segment of what we have named the “Homus Autonomus”, as a consequence of the crises that happened in the West since the 30’s and the development of the information and communication technologies, produced the phenomena of social networks.

Avant-garde communities have difficulties of growth in under-developing segments which eliminate them since they are a threat to the self-esteem of the rest of the members in that niche.

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Peter Belohlavek

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