Davos 2014

Davos 2014: Proposing the Unicist Approach to Manage Evolution

The Unicist Approach to manage the adaptive aspects of reality opened the boundaries to diagnose and develop solutions in complex environments.

We invite economists, anthropologists, political scientists, sociologists and all the professionals who are focused on evolution to participate in the preparation of a document on the Unicist Approach to Evolution to be presented to the World Economic Forum 2014.

This approach allows integrating the technical analytical approach with the unicist fundamental approach to provide reliable knowledge to forecast the future to build accurate scenarios and define the consequent possibilities.

The document will be finished by June 2013 inorder to be evaluated by the organizers of the World Economic Forum 2014.

Unicist Press Committee

NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute was the pioneer in complexity science research and became a private global decentralized world-class research organization in the field of human adaptive systems.