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Businesses: The paradox of high IQ individuals

The intelligence quotient (IQ) measures the capacity of individuals to deal with dualistic logic that allows them to recognize patterns of the external environment. The higher the IQ of an individual, the more variables of the external reality s/he is able to manage and the more complications s/he can apprehend.

This characteristic makes high IQ individuals notorious systemic problem solvers. But, paradoxically, this is a handicap to deal with complex problems, those problems that have open boundaries in which their components do not have dualistic relationships but are the integration of the conjunctions of elements with multiple biunivocal relationships.

It has to be considered that the brain is an extremely energy consuming organ of the human body. Therefore the brain always uses the less energy consuming solution to adapt to reality. The use of the IQ of an individual is, without doubt, the less energy consuming solution which is functional if it is a systemic problem but dysfunctional if the problem is complex.

High IQ individuals spontaneously generate palliatives, like statistics, to deal with complexity. This allows them to avoid facing the nature of problems when they are complex. In extreme cases, they sustain their solutions based on a superiority complex they build in order to avoid facing the real world and build a parallel reality where their IQ is functional.

Problems are systemic or complex in themselves. It is not a matter of perception or opinion. Social and business realities are a complex problem in themselves which requires having the necessary mental model to apprehend them. This mental model is defined by the double dialectical logic. When dealing with complexity, the intelligence quotient of an individual is just a threshold to apprehend the elements of reality, which needs to have been overcome.

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