Distribution 4.0

Based on Functionalist Principles & Binary Actions

Functionalist Technologies

Distribution Channel Building

Collaborative Corporate Partnering

Distribution 4.0 is based on using the functionalist principles of a business to define the characteristic of its distribution channels and develop the binary actions that make them grow. The purpose of Distribution 4.0 is the building of sustainable business expansion. The basic condition for this model is that there is a potential market that has a size that allows expanding the business.

A Distribution Model to expand Markets in the 4th Industrial Revolution

The objective is to build sustainable business expansion based on an end-to-end marketing approach
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Unicist Educational Program to introduce Functionalist Technologies

The educational program is based on real applications of the functionalist principles and binary actions
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Development of a Clinic using Functionalist Principles to solve Problems

The in-house clinic deals with the root causes a real problem to develop a solution and test the results
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Distribution Channel expansion based on developing Commercial Synergy

It includes a virtual integration of the value chain from the producer to the consumer or user
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Marketing Cobots to increase the Speed of Growth

Marketing cobots allow developing segmented marketing actions and using marketing catalysts
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Sales Cobots to influence buyers during Buying Processes

The use of virtual catalysts triggered by the actions of customers during the buying processes
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Institutional and Product Segmentation in B2B marketing

It uses conceptual segmentation based on the products, services and the buying decision processes
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Unicist B2B strategies use Unicist Binary Actions to grow

They are synchronized actions that focus on the same purpose to ensure marketing and selling processes
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The validation process is based on the use of Pilot Tests

Pilot testing is based on the design of specific destructive tests and non-destructive tests
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The Functionalist Principle
The Functionalist Principle

Install a Consultation Library
in your Company

The functionalist principle defines that there is nothing in the universe, which is part of a system, that does not work with a purpose, an active and entropic function, and an energy conservation function. Their interaction defines the functionality of the binary actions that produce results.

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The Functionality of the Real World


Human Intelligence & the Intelligence of Things

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Unicist Logic

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Unicist Riddles and Metaphors

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Unicist Functionalist Psychology

Functionalist Principles: PSYCHOLOGY

Unicist Functionalist Anthropology

Functionalist Principles: ANTHROPOLOGY

The Origin of Fallacies

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The Ontogenesis of Evolution

The Basics of Functionalist Principles

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