Installing B2B Distribution 4.0

Distribution 4.0 is based on the complementation with the market by increasing the level of participation and reliability to build long-term relationships with distributors, customers and users.

Insourcing Distribution 4.0 to Expand Markets

Distribution 4.0 is a business model that fosters business and market expansion by developing a forward integration with the market by increasing the level of participation and reliability to build long-term relationships with clients, customers and users. The development of solutions might be outsourced based on the use of unicist functional designers and expert systems.

Value Proposition

Counter-cycle Building

Using the Unicist Distribution Strategy to Accelerate Growth

Distribution 4.0 is a distribution strategy in the 4IR that is centrally based on virtual communication, which increases the speed of growth of international, regional and local distribution channels. Access

Using Unicist Functional Design to Design the Processes

The unicist functional design is based on anticipating, planning, designing, and managing business processes and their consequences using binary actions, business objects and catalysts to ensure results. Access

Unicist Functional Design
Unicist Binary Actions

The Use of Binary Actions Integrates Distributors & Clients

Binary actions are needed to generate value and build the relationships integrating distributors and end clients in a stable relationship that allows managing businesses and expanding markets. Access

The Use of Distribution 4.0 in a Channel Catalyzes Expansion

This distribution channel allows establishing stable relationships among providers, distributors, and buyers by establishing a sharing space that satisfies the actual needs of the different segments. Access

Distribution 4.0 as a channel
Exchange space

Building Exchange Spaces to Build Relationships with Clients

The installation of exchange spaces sustain virtual selling and compensate for the lack of personal live relationships. These relationships imply establishing an influential role in the market. Access

Empowering the Building of Virtual Relationships with Clients

Distribution 4.0 applies to businesses that have differentiated products / services and are interested in establishing reliable relationships with the market to foster growth and profitability. Access

Market relationships
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