Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Coaching 4.0

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Coaching in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Unicist Coaching 4.0 is focused on introducing the concept of Industry 4.0 in business management. It requires empowering the management of the adaptive business processes, which requires managing their concepts.

4th Industrial Revolution and mindsets

The coaching of adaptive processes requires, on the one hand, the use of a strategic approach to manage maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to ensure results. And on the other hand, it requires managing the concepts of business functions to manage their adaptive aspects.

The introduction of Industry 4.0 requires empowering the resilience of an organization to manage feedback.

The introduction of adaptiveness in organizations is a step by step process, that needs to generate economic benefits from the beginning. It needs to follow two basic rules:

  • It has to be introduced from “the outside to the inside”, from the external needs to the internal needs, which implies starting with the functions that influence the environment.
  • It needs to be managed from “top to bottom”, which implies the commitment of the management in this change.

The Coaching Process

The unicist coaching processes require having an accurate diagnosis of the possibilities of the business. In traditional coaching processes, things happen during the meetings while unicist business coaching works as a catalyzing process that is based on projects. That is why in unicist coaching, things happen between the meetings. The core features of unicist coaching are:

  • The core of the “coaching processes” is the solution of specific problems.
  • The client and the coach manage, collaboratively, the Expert System that allows finding and testing the solutions of the business problems.
  • The process is developed on the cloud in order to ensure the functionality of the solutions.
  • All solutions that are built, include the use or the development of the necessary behavioral catalysts to ensure the achievement of results.
  • The unicist coaching sessions are developed every fortnight. They last between 20 and 30 minutes and deal with the pilot tests of the solutions. Other arrangements can be made with the clients.
  • The client has access to a continuous counseling system.

The coach uses the following protocols:

  • Unicist Conceptual Engineering
  • UXD-Extreme Design
  • Ontological Reverse Engineering
  • Unicist “Q” Method

The Concept of Coaching 4.0

The coaching-role includes a counseling aspect that provides guidance for the technical aspects of the solution building process. Therefore, the Unicist Coach assumes the role of a fundamentals provider to ensure the functionality of solutions.

The coach provides the necessary conceptual knowledge that allows managing the fundamentals of business processes to ensure the management of the root causes and achievement of the business goals that have been established.

Unicist business coaches provide conceptual knowledge by using knowledge objects included in the Unicist Solutions Library and the protocols that guide the coachees in the process of managing the solutions of business processes to produce results.

The business coaching agreements can be made based on fixed fees or might include success fees.

A Strategic Coaching Service

The Unicist Business Coaching service is based on the use and application of the Unicist Business Strategy to deal with the business functions of an organization.

Unicist Business Strategy is an emulation of the intelligence of nature that drives the actions of all living beings establishing a maximal strategy to grow and a minimum strategy to survive.

The Unicist business coaching sustains a strategic approach to business functions to develop structural solutions by managing the root causes of business processes.

The unicist coaching process has been designed to support the development of strategies and to manage the adaptive aspects of businesses for CXOs and business owners.

The unicist coaches provide the underlying concepts and fundamentals that, integrated with the technical and operational knowledge, allow managers to emulate business processes, manage the root causes of problems and develop solutions validated through pilot tests. Unicist coaching is the new stage of coaching based on the integration of the fundamentals of business functions.

Coaching 4.0: A Logical Approach to Business

The power of the unicist logic lies in its simplicity. It only requires reasoning in terms of maximal strategies and minimum strategies and of complementation and supplementation. It implies moving from a dualistic approach towards a functionalist approach.

It is based on the discovery of the functionality of the intelligence of nature that drove to the development of the unicist logic, which allows managing the functionality, dynamics and evolution of adaptive systems with open boundaries.

The unicist logic, created by Peter Belohlavek, allows emulating nature by developing binary actions that manage maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to ensure results.

It simplifies business processes by building business objects and catalysts to ensure and accelerate the generation of results.

It is the approach needed to manage adaptability in the 4th Industrial Revolution.


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