Knowledge Bank

The Framework of the Unicist Functionalist & Evolutionary Approaches

This is an approach adapted to the possibilities of the 4th Industrial Revolution The functionalist approach to businesses is based on the use of functional design integrating the use of binary actions, catalysts, and business objects. It includes the use of the unicist evolutionary approach and unicist AI to install adaptive automation in business. (free access)

The Unicist Innovation Center

The innovation center gives access to the scope of researches and innovations that were developed at The Unicist Research Institute. It provides the basic information that allows integrating the know-how and the know-why of social, economic, and business processes. You have free access to up to three downloads.


The Unicist Intelligent System to Build Adaptive Systems

The Unicist Intelligent System is an expert system to build adaptive systems. The discovery of the ontogenetic intelligence of nature led to the development of the unicist logic and the unicist ontology that established the structure of fundamentals-based AI and made the development of the Unicist Intelligent System possible.


The Unicist Library

The unicist library is a functional knowledge repository that gives access to the ontological structures of business functions and processes. It provides the information of the fundamentals that are the input for the use of unicist functional design and functional research. (There is a 30-day free trial available).


Basic Books for the Different Application Fields

Unicist Business Technologies

Unicist Social Technologies

Unicist Research Technologies