Introduction Guide to Unicist Technologies

Unicist technologies manage the unified field of processes. They are based on the use of functionalist principles to manage the roots of the functionality of things and the root causes of problems. Download

The purpose of the use of unicist technologies is to define the binary actions that produce results.

The functionalist principle defines that there is nothing in the universe, which is part of a system, that does not work with a purpose, an active and entropic function, and an energy conservation function. This structure works through unicist binary actions (UBA) that produce the functionality of any entity or process, whatever it’s kind.

Unicist technologies manage the unified field of facts integrating them with their context using the functionalist designer and the unicist compass.

The mathematics of the unicist logic allows quantifying the fundamentals of the functionalist principles to build binary actions, which on the one hand open possibilities, and on the other hand, ensure results. Download