Innovative Engineering Marketing

In order to enter in a non commodities market, it is necessary to undermine the leader ethically, so as to be able to enter in any niche, to maintain this niche or niches and to expand them to other niches and segments.

The  ideological guerrilla implies, for the one who puts it into practice, a series of special conditions:

  • The product has to be more functional than that of the one who dominates the market.
  • The product must have an implicit superior ethic than the one in the market.
  • The action speed must be faster than that of the environment.
  • The organization must work as a compact team.

A product is more functional when the customer realizes and is able to see that it has notorious and functional advantages that have such a superior level of benefits to the point that they may result suspicious.

The ethic of the product and the ethic of the organization have to be of superior order than the environment and related with non satisfied utopias that are caused by the product of the dominant leader.

To be able to introduce a superior product a very high action-speed is needed.

The dominant will try to annul the action, so that, commercial actions must be carried out before the dominant competitor may react.

Success is based on speed. Guerrilla implies hitting fast and returning to the previous position before the competitor perceives it.

A compact team is essential to have speed. It has to be related to the ethics of the organization and it requires very charismatic leaders that are able to face the problems that arise in the market.

The compact team helps to transform decisions into immediate actions in the market.

When the ideological guerrilla confrontation is lost, the legitimacy in the market is also lost; so the loser enters in a marginal position and survives behaving as a marginal organization.

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