Adopt the Use of Unicist Functionalist Technologies

The solution for this new stage was introduced in the market by the unicist functionalist technologies. The unicist approach to the 4IR is based on integrating the Internet of Things with the Intelligence of Things that allows developing intelligent systems.

The unicist functionalist technologies are based on the functionalist approach to science.

The functionalist approach to science provided:

  1. The unicist logic to manage the functionality of the real world
  2. The functional structure of things to make them work
  3. Synchronized binary actions to ensure results
  4. Unicist AI, based on the unicist logic, that emulates human decision making

The unicist functionalist technologies were developed to manage the concepts that underlie the functions that are being managed.

Using functionalist technologies you can:

  • Install Intelligent Business Cobots to accelerate processes and save costs
  • Use Unicist AI to build Intelligent Systems
  • Install Binary Actions to ensure results
  • Build Intelligent Business Catalysts to accelerate growth
  • Install Business Objects to save costs and ensure quality
  • Use Unicist Functional Design to develop solutions