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The Paradigm Shift in Conceptual Design


The Unicist Research Institute

The Unicist Research Institute is the world leader in basic research on complexity sciences using a logical approach. The research institute has a business arm and an academic arm. The unicist logical approach to complexity was applied to apprehend the nature of complex adaptive systems in the field of individual, institutional and social behavior.

The more than 5,000 researches developed since 1976 covered the core adaptive aspects of these fields and allowed defining the conceptual structures that regulate their evolution. These researches allowed developing complex adaptive systems using unicist objects that emulate the organization of nature. The main countries where these researches were originated are: US, DE, UK, FR, JP, SE, CA, CH, IN, BR, AR, CAT, RU, CN, AU.

About the Unicist School

The Unicist School, with more than 80,000 followers in 56 countries, is a school of thought for “Doers” that fosters the emulation of the intelligence that underlies nature through the use of double dialectical actions to deal with adaptive environments. This approach allows building maximal and minimum strategies to ensure results making possible what was not possible before.

It integrates “Doers” of all fields. In the scientific field, the Unicist School integrates participants who deal with Scientific Research, Life Sciences, Complexity Sciences, Information Sciences, Future Research and Strategy, Logic, Anthropology, Economic Science, Political Science, Social Sciences, Linguistics, Mathematics, Philosophy, History, Cognitive Science, Education, Psychology and Semiology.



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