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Introducing Solution Management Systems

Unicist Solution Building Factory

Industry 4.0 implies introducing adaptiveness in organizations. Business functions are adaptive when their functionality is feedback dependent.

Industry 4.0 became possible due to the evolution of IT technologies, conceptual management and artificial intelligence. Its goal is to develop businesses as adaptive systems, which implies customer orientation and improving productivity and quality that naturally foster market growth and profit improvement.

The Unicist Cognitive Systems in business, manage the root causes, the dynamics and the evolution of the business processes they deal with.

They were developed to manage businesses as adaptive systems to foster growth, process improvement, decision making, profit improvement and customer orientation.

They take advantage of the technologies included in the 4th Industrial Revolution and use the knowledge of the concepts and fundamentals of the business functions to manage their root causes.

The Unicist Research Institute, a pioneer in complexity science research since 1976, and one of the precursors of the 4th Industrial Revolution that introduced the unicist ontogenetic maps to manage complexity and deal with adaptive systems. These ontogenetic maps made Unicist Artificial Intelligence possible, emulating human intelligence and the intelligence that underlies nature. It is a core tool to manage the Industry 4.0 concept.