B2B Commercial Counter cycles

Counter-cycle building processes are based on functionalist technologies that integrate complementary value propositions, which empower the business and allow expanding the segments that are being approached.

Insourcing Countercyclical Strategies for Businesses

Countercyclical strategies are based on:
1) Expanding new niches and segments
2) Introducing new channels
3) Expanding and complementing value propositions
4) Co-marketing strategies
The development of solutions might be outsourced based on the use of unicist functional designers and expert systems.

Value Proposition

Strategy Building

Complementing Value Propositions to Build a New Stage

Counter cycles are based on the expansion of the value propositions by upgrading the functionality of the products and services and satisfying latent needs. Access

Using Catalysts to Expand & Accelerate Marketing Processes

Marketing Catalysts open a space in the market due to the influence they have based on the latent needs they satisfy. They open new marketplaces and accelerate buying processes. Access

Binary Actions
Solution building

The Use of the Unicist Functional Designer & the Intelligent System

The unicist functional designer and the unicist intelligent system allow planning, designing, and building business processes including the use of binary actions, business objects and catalysts to ensure results. Access

Developing Binary Actions to Ensure the Generation of Results

The development of binary actions is based on a strategic approach to the environment, which implies having a maximal strategy to grow and a minimum strategy to ensure results. Access

Unicist Binary Actions
Business Objects

The Use of Marketing Objects to Drive & Catalyze Processes

The use of commercial, semantic and branding marketing objects enhances the influence on potential buyers and empowers the synchronicity of binary actions by integrating catalysts. Access

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Unicist Solutions Library
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