Diagnoses based on Fundamental & Technical Knowledge

Unicist Predictive and Prescriptive Business Diagnoses

The unicist diagnostics model is based on functional diagnoses and their operational consequences. It allows defining possible solutions that ensure results. Applications:
• Business diagnoses
• Marketing diagnoses
• Organizational & IT diagnoses
• Financial diagnoses
• People management diagnoses

Value Proposition

Strategy Building

Operational Diagnoses to Solve Conjunctural Problems

The operational diagnoses are driven by triggering causes or are the consequence of functional problems. The diagnoses of operational diagnoses allow defining palliatives and/or conjunctural solutions. Access

Functional Diagnoses by Managing Root Causes

The functional diagnoses are based on managing the conceptual structure of businesses. The root causes of problems are generated by the dysfunctionality of the concepts and fundamentals of business functions. Access

Functional Knowledge

Prescriptive Diagnoses to Install Solutions

The prescriptive diagnoses define solutions-based knowledge of the root causes and the triggering causes of business problems. They are tested using destructive tests to measure the limits of their functionality. Access

The Development of Feasible and Reliable Solutions

The process ends with the formulation of feasible structural and conjunctural solutions. They are based on the ontogenetic map of the business functions involved and the consequent operational problems. Access

Unicist Functional Design
Destructive Testing

Destructive Testing of Business Diagnoses

It is necessary to develop destructive test of the business diagnoses to ensure the functionality of the solutions. What is tested is not the diagnoses but the functionality of the solution that was developed. Access

Unicist Solutions Library
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Unicist Solutions Library
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