Functionalist Technologies

Collaborative Corporate R&D Partnering

Functionalist Object Driven B2B Marketing

Managing Market Ecosystems

Managing B2B Marketing Objects

Using Unicist Functionalist Design to Manage Root Causes

Functionalist B2B marketing is based on the use of commercial, semantic, semiotic, catalyzing and branding objects to establish a first-choice positioning in companies. It is based on matching the concepts of the products or services companies buy. The process begins with the building of a functionalist prototype.

Unicist Virtual Advisor

The Unicist Virtual Advisor (UVA) supports collaborative partnering processes with companies. It simplifies the abstraction process needed to find and manage the root causes of problems by developing unicist debates with users to develop solutions. The UVA works as a catalyst for solution-building processes. It accelerates design processes by up to 70%.

Basic Discoveries that sustain Functionalist Marketing

  • Concepts drive human actions, which include buying decisions.
  • The functionalist principles of marketing are defined by the concepts people have.
  • Synchronized binary actions make the functionalist principles work.
  • Pre-concepts trigger the perception of value propositions.
  • Conceptual segmentation increases marketing accuracy and effectiveness.
  • The buying arguments are based on the concepts people have in mind.
  • Semiotic groups allow finding the concepts and the latent needs people have.
  • The Functionalist design allows managing the roots of the functionality of marketing processes.

Development of First Choice Positioning in the Market

Technologies are provided in English, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

Functionalist B2B Marketing to position as a First-Choice Alternative

It is based on segmenting the companies while, within such companies, the B2C segmentation is used to influence the individual participants
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The use of Functionalist Design to define the Functionality of Processes

It uses the functionalist principles of processes to build synchronized binary actions, catalysts, and business objects to generate results
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Functionalist Marketing begins with the Development of a Prototype

It is built to learn from the feedback in the context of customer orientation and adaptability introduced by the 4th Industrial Revolution
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Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution

These solutions are developed based on the use of prototypes to generate an initial positive cashflow for the company and might include functionalist technologies that are protected by non-disclosure agreements.

The discovery of functionalist principles and the development of functionalist technologies allow for building business solutions to increase energy efficiency, which made collaborative R&D partnering possible.