B2B Bestseller Building based on the Latent Needs of the Market

Product Complementation using Unicist Functional Design

The functional designer includes the use of functional design groups to build products/services using the fundamentals of bestseller building and the specific fundamentals of the value propositions. It also includes the definition of the trends that need to be followed to ensure the building of a first-choice alternative and the confirmation that the necessary resources are available.

Value Proposition


Bestseller Design Process

The B2B bestsellers are designed to enhance the self-fulfillment of the users and satisfy their latent needs in a participative environment. The design aims at ensuring the competitive advantage of the value propositions.

Unicist Conceptual Segmentation

The segmentation is used to define the profiles of the segment that is used to initiate the bestselling processes and define the adjacent segments that can be influenced by the first-choice positioning.

B2B Segmentation
Semiotic group

The Use of Semiotic Groups

The semiotic groups are used to confirm the functionality of the attributes of the products/services, the competitive advantage of the value proposition and the functionality of the marketing process.

Mktg & Competitive Strategies

The characteristics of the product/services and the positioning in the market define the type of marketing strategy that is functional, and the competitive strategy needed to become a bestseller.

Competitive Strategies
Binary Actions

Binary Actions Building

The development of the marketing process requires the design and implementation of binary actions that are synchronized marketing actions to influence buyers using marketing objects and catalysts.

Pilot Testing & Recycling

The use of pilot tests associated with semiotic groups drives the design of bestsellers. It includes the participation of the functional design groups to reflect on the responses of the market.

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