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A Causal Approach to Business

Unicist Functionalist Principles Based Technologies

Using Unicist Conceptual Design based on Binary Actions

The Confederation is the business division of The Unicist Research Institute (TURI). Our basic and applied research has provided access to the causal approach in the real world. The discovery of functionalist principles, developed at The Unicist Research Institute, made a causal approach to business possible.
It was made accessible to everyone through the use of the Unicist Conceptual Designer, which is based on managing the functionality of things and binary actions that, on one hand, expand possibilities and, on the other hand, ensure results, thereby enhancing growth and efficiency.


Unicist Virtual Advisor

The Unicist Virtual Advisor provides the knowledge needed to manage a causal approach to strategy and problem-solving. This open version offers generic information, while the private version delivers specific solutions.

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What is the unicist causal approach to business?

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Introducing the Role of Unicist Business Ontologist in Companies

Managing the causality of business is essential to profit from AI. Therefore, it becomes necessary to introduce this new role in companies to manage the causality of business functions and processes, applying functionalist principles and implementing binary actions.

Using Functionalist Principles, Binary Actions, and Unicist AI

The functionalist principles of business processes define their purpose, active function, energy conservation function, and the unicist binary actions that make them work using Unicist AI.
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Functionalist Technologies