Insourcing Functionalist Technologies

The Unicist Research Institute transfers the unicist functionalist technologies that manage the root causes of the functionality of business processes to generate growth, adaptability and profitability.

Insourcing Business Technologies in the 4IR

The 4th Industrial Revolution introduced a paradigm shift that allows empowering business adaptability and customer orientation. Since 1976 The Unicist Research Institute has been a precursor of the research in adaptability due to the development of a unicist ontological approach to adaptive systems. The development of solutions might be outsourced based on the use of unicist functional designers and expert systems.

Functionalist Technologies

Next Stage Technologies

The New Stage in Adaptive Environments

The research work at The Unicist Research Institute allowed explaining and managing the functional root-causes of social and business processes, their evolution, and how to make things happen. The adaptability of businesses, introduced by the 4IR, was solved by the unicist evolutionary approach that made businesses reasonable, understandable, and predictable. Access

The Unicist Evolutionary Approach in the 4IR

The Unicist Evolutionary Approach, which emulates nature, fosters growth, and ensures results by using concepts, fundamentals, maximal and minimum strategies with the corresponding binary actions and the use of business objects. The 4th Industrial Revolution is the first industrial revolution that introduced a paradigm shift focused on the generation of market value. Access

Unicist Evolutionary Approach
Unicist AI

Integrating Data-based AI & Fundamentals-based AI

The unicist artificial Intelligence is integrated by fundamentals-based AI and data-based AI to provide functional knowledge. The data-based AI is supported by the fundamentals-based AI to avoid having subjective biases. When the quantity of data does not suffice, data-based AI is replaced by the use of non-destructive testing that provides analogous information. Access

Development in Collaborative Projects with Clients

The use of Unicist Technologies is based on the development of participative R&D projects that ensure their functionality and allow transferring the technology. These activities are developed using Unicist Functional Designers supported by Telecounseling. All the projects are based on the generation of positive cashflow for the clients. Access

Collaborative Projects
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