Unicist Confederation

Business Process Catalysts

Unicist Cognitive Systems in the 4th Industrial Revolution

The Unicist Confederation is the business arm of The Unicist Research Institute that distributes business technologies, systems and tools for companies worldwide. 

Its core business is the installation of cognitive systems with unicist artificial intelligence to catalyze business processes including strategy, business intelligence, management, marketing and people management.

Businesses in the 4th Industrial Revolution

The business adaptiveness introduced by the 4th industrial revolution and industry 4.0 made the use of adaptive process catalysts necessary.

The Unicist Evolutionary Approach

The 4th Industrial Revolution fostered adaptiveness and customer orientation in businesses.

It made Industry 4.0, the Internet of things and artificial intelligence possible, but it required managing the concepts of business functions and the root causes of business processes and their evolution to ensure their full reliability.

This drove to the development of the Unicist Evolutionary Approach, which is a fundamentals-based framework to manage the root causes of businesses. This approach increases their adaptability and their speed of growth and improves their profitability in an environment of customer orientation and sustainability.

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Business Process Catalysts as ADD-ONs

Competitive Strategy Building ADD-ON to Catalyze Business Growth

The development of Unicist Strategy, which emulates the ontogenetic intelligence of nature, allowed building maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to ensure results.

The Unicist Business Strategy is based on the knowledge of the concepts and fundamentals of business functions and of the unified field of the business processes involved. Depending on a previous research of the company, an increase of +30% in the speed of sustainable growth can be expected.

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Market Lab ADD-ON as a Commercial Catalyst for CRM

The pilot test driven market lab works as a B2B and B2C commercial catalyst. It was developed to manage the buying arguments of potential buyers segments to accelerate the speed of sustainable market growth.

The Market Labs are for companies that use CRM or cloud marketing solutions such as IBM, Salesforce, SAP, Adobe, etc.

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Root Cause Management ADD-ON as a Catalyst for BPM

The Root Cause Management System is an ADD-ON to Business Process Management Systems that works as a catalyst for value generation.

It was developed to find the root causes of business functions, which are defined by the underlying concepts and fundamentals to build structural solutions. It is for organizations that already have a process improvement process.

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The unicist evolutionary approach was established as a standard to deal with adaptive systems and environments using the resources of the 4th Industrial Revolution. It uses the knowledge of the concepts and fundamentals of the business functions to manage their root causes. The installation of Cognitive Systems generates a positive cash flow.